A visit to Hotel Faaborg Fjord invites to explore the beautiful nature & scenic Fyn. Here you find everything your heart desires whether you are interested in an active holiday, adventurous, arts & cultural, city tours or historical. Fyn has it all.

Fyn - the garden of Denmark

Hans Christian Andersen referred to Fyn as the garden of Denmark, and Fyn is truly a supplier of the finest raw ingredients, high-quality cuisine. The nutrient-rich Funen soil is fertile ground for excellent food. Juicy apples, deep red cherries, freshly squeezed juice, handpicked tomatoes, fresh asparagus and flowers of all colors & varieties. There is ample opportunity to experience the "taste of Fyn" on the local food markets & festivals.

Everywhere on Fyn there are markets, please ask us where you find the most interesting for you.

An archipelago in the world

They are full of warmth, intimacy and authenticity. Discover the individual islands south of Funen, their stunning scenery and residents. You are guaranteed a unique experience that you will remember for a long time. Fyn is surroundend by little islands. Large and small, inhabited and uninhabited. 96 islands in total - most of them are south of Funen.

Each island has a special history and special features. Ærø with its glorious scenery and view to the Baltic Sea. Drejø where art flourishes or Skarø which is best know for its amazing ice cream and cozy festival. On the northeast side of Funen you will find wild Romsø where nature has looked after itself for centuries, or how about Æbelø where you can walk to when the tide is low.

The possibilities are many - it's just to say; "Enjoy".

Active holiday

Would you like to combine your stay at Hotel Faaborg Fjord with various activities, we would like to help you. At the reception you can rent bikes and we are ready with suggestions for a lot of exciting trips in the area around the hotel. If you feel like fishing, kayaking, riding, kiresurfe, diving or hiking, All you need to do is ask.

Adventurous Experiences for children

In addition to the many activities for children at Hotel Faaborg Fjord, where you can really work up a sweat and become totally exhausted with all the fun things you can do on Funen. Sailing, Cycling, Climbing, Exploring the great castles and learn a lot of interesting things about the old days. Regardless of where on Funen, you are, you are never far from great experiences. "play & learn", meeting Vikings, go to the beach or discover Fyn as it was in the 1800s.

In H.C. Andersen's footsteps

You can not say Fyn without also saying Hans Christian Andersen. And when visiting Fyn, it becomes clear where he got the inspiration from for many of his famous fairy tales. Especially in Odense, but also elsewhere on Funen, one can find traces of the great poet.

But it is not only Hans Christian Andersen, who became enthralled and inspired by the beautiful Fyn countryside, the light and the water. A lot of artists find inspiration on the green island in the heart of Denmark, if you are interested in the arts, there is a wide selection of galleries, museums, etc. both in Faaborg and the rest of Funen.