Villa Horseløkke

Elegance, exclusivity and nostalgia are some of the words that describes our patrician “Villa Horseløkke”. Stucco ceilings, crystal chandeliers, am exclusive interior and a breathtaking panoramic views of Faaborg Fjord is what you can expect when you step inside the newly renovated Villa Horseløkke.

The two suites on the first floor are elegant and each with their own private terrace. These can both be used to small private meetings. They are also the obvious choice for a wedding night or simply a romantic weekend.

Villa Horseløkke has also got the exclusive banqueting suite “Havstuen” and a few more associated rooms that are perfect for receptions. The living rooms can also be used as group rooms for meetings or conferences.

Villa Horseløkke was built in 1914 as a replacement for an old Inn dating back to 1808. In 1960 the villa was converted into a hotel and has since served as part of the hotel that was built in 1981. In 2014, the villa has undergone an extensive renovation both interior and exterior, so that today it appears as the majestic patrician it is.

Contact us today to hear about the possibilities to have your next event in Villa Horseløkke. T: 6261 1010 or email: