Our head chef, Søren and his talented team compose and prepare our menues for lunch and dinner from fresh local produce. We want to offer our guests well-prepared and tasty dishes made only from the best ingredients..

Book a table by phone 6261 1010 for either lunch or dinner.

Lunch menu - served between noon and 4pm  Price
Fjorden’s open sandwiches kr. 59 pr. stk.
Shrimp on white bread with whipped dill mayonnaise, and lemon kr. 89
Fjorden’s burger (beef filet 150g), tarragon dressing, basalmico onions and hand cut fries kr. 175 
“Shooting star” with plaice fillet, steamed fish, smoked salmon, shrimp and Fjorden’s dressing kr. 139 
Sirloin steak with fried onions, homemade cucumber salad and rye bread  kr. 169 
Cheese platter with 3 kinds of mature cheeses, olives and homemade crispbread kr. 85
Cake of the day with fruit kr. 80

Dinner - 6pm – 9pm


Baked fish with Suomi seaweed, sour cream and herbs kr. 98
Bresaola with cucumber cream and small salad kr. 95
Smoked cod with mild horseradish cream and frisé salad kr. 95
Shrimp skewers with mango salad in a filo pastry basket kr. 97
Main course Price
Our signature calf with balsamic gravy, pure of root vegetables and pommes soufflé kr. 235
Steak 250 gr. with herbbutter, chef's salad, fries and tarragonmayonnaise kr. 249
Pork with herb gravey, fried root vegetables and parsley fried potatoes kr. 235
Chickpea steak with couscous sauté of vegetables and herb cream (vegetarian) kr. 195
Fish of the day – further information by the waiter kr. 220
Dessert Price
3 kind of cheeses with olives, compote and our home baked crispbread kr. 105
Danish Mazarin cake with berries and ice cream kr. 95
Fjordens ice cream desserts with crunch kr. 88
Apple trifle with sorbet kr. 92

Children menu - 6pm – 9pm

Children Starters Pris
Small shrimpsalad with homemade bread kr. 55
Ham and melon kr. 55
Children Main course Pris
Pasta bolognese kr. 75
Small steak and potatoes kr. 75
Fish fillet with frites and remoulade kr. 75
Children dessert Price
Icecream dessert kr. 45
Homemade Cake with fruit and creme kr. 45