In the air

Action or relaxation – climb to the top with your family or your colleagues. Do as the monkeys and swing from tree to tree or slide through the forest at 16 meters high in the Gorilla Park or discover the Beech forest from above. At Egeskov Castle and at 10-15 meters in height, you can walk from tree to tree in the Beech forest. Along the way you can take a rest on a total of five platforms.

Have you got what it takes to lean over the edge and climb down via a rope? You will be surprised at what courage you actually possess. Maybe you can’t wait to try rappelling? Perhaps you have done it before and would like to try it again. Either way rappelling with a qualified instructor is a safe way to get out in the edge and see what the vertical world looks like.

See it all from above by helicopter round trip over Faaborg, a bird’s eye view – you really get a sense of the archipelago and the beautiful scenery. A trip by helicopter is a unique flying experience, which is not comparable with other ways of flying.

Whether you are for action or relaxation, we are ready to help you. Call us on 6210 1010