The hotel’s history

The story about hotel Faaborg Fjord and Villa Horseløkke goes more than 200 years back and starts in 1808, when an enterprising young man built a timbered house to do farming while living as Innkeeper of the "Red Inn".

The Inn quickly became very popular, both in Faaborg & the surrounding counties, mainly because travelers to Faaborg on market days enjoyed a drink & a whirl before returning back home again. Even the people of Faaborg became very fond of the Inn and the Red Inn was for many years a popular destination and the final stop for many a Sunday stroll, probably due to the beautiful surroundings.

After the turn of the century the now ageing timber-framed building was demolished, and in 1914 new buildings were erected on the site, incl. the current villa. The owner, who also farmed on site, renamed the villa "Villa Horse Loop", "Villa Horseløkke" which it is still known as today.

For many decades the site was used for both agriculture, summer boarding, breeding pigs, bike workshop and a host of other activities. In the 1960s the activities subsided, and the buildings were empty and abandoned. It was therefore decided to tear them down and instead build a service station and car dealership.

The Patricia Villa, Villa Horseløkke, was however allowed to remain, and was in 1960 bought by the Danish-African Peter Horn, who converted it into a hotel. That proved to be a really good business, and he therefore decided to expand the hotel operations, with the result that Hotel Faaborg Fjord in 1981 was "born".

Over the years the hotel has had various owners, but it has also grown and grown, both in capacity and facilities. The now 100 years old Villa Horseløkke still stands proud and erect and welcomes you at the entrance to the hotel. Both the villa and the hotel stands today much nicer and more modern than they have ever been - both inside and out.

After a thorough renovation / modernization and a new ownership in the spring of 2014 with the updated AV equipment in our conference department with space for 700 people and the rest of our facilities, a much faster WiFi access, newly renovated restaurant and toilets, a total renovation of Villa Horseløkke with 2 exclusive suites on the 1st floor overlooking the fjord and delicious VIP meeting facilities / function room / lounge, Hotel Faaborg Fjord stands in a completely new version as a 4-star Hotel and conference centre.